About HP Power

We have been involved in Electrical Construction for over 35 years, providing services for Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial facilities; we have served major customers such as the University of Guelph for 30 years, having consistently performed to their expectations. The organization operates as three different divisions under the numbered company. P&S Electric provides electrical construction, fire alarm, building automation and controls to the group. PH Technical Services provides High Voltage Maintenance, Engineering, Infrared Scanning, Site Testing, and Metering. HP Power Installations focuses on the Co-Generation industry & Decentralized Power industry in Canada. HP Power provides Project Management, Generator Services and Installation, Engineering and Consulting, as well as Site Service Integration with other trades and contractors.

We currently have twenty employees in the office and the field. We have equipment, tools, and vehicles to service all three divisions. All employees have been cross trained so that they can work across all three divisions. This allows us to keep a dedicated workforce and employees can go from one division to the other depending on workload. We also have additional resources available to hire extra employees if needed any where across Canada.

The three divisions are broken as follows: HP Power Installations is headed by Erik Host-Pedersen. PH Technical Services is headed by Lawrence Howlett & Mark Parsons. P&S Electric is headed by Doug Parsons and Rufus Nelson. All of these leaders bring extensive experience to each of the companies and specialties. Office Staff, overhead and knowledge is shared across all three divisions, resulting in lower operating costs which we pass on to our customers.